Prestatyn & District Pubwatch

What Is The Prestatyn & District Pubwatch?

The Pubwatch is a voluntary organisation set up with the key aim of acheiving a safe drinking environment in all Licensed premises.

The current Pubwatch initiative consists of a circuit of 16 establishments throughout the Prestatyn & District area who keep in touch with each other via e-txt message manager.
The establishments exchange messages warning each other of problems of drink related crime and anti-social behaviour which might be developing within their area.
The Pubwatch also provides better communication between licensees and police and provides a forum for the discussion and solution of problems relating to violence on licensed premises.

How Does The Pubwatch Work?

The heart of Pubwatch is the rapid, accurate and efficient communication of details about potential problems.
Many Pubwatch systems use telephone links. There are certain drawbacks to this in that the chain may become broken and there is the possibility of messages being significantly distorted as they are passed along the line.
To avoid this possibility we have implemented a system using Dynmark's award winning PC>SMS software.
If a situation should arise in any of the pubs in the pubwatch the Licensee or Manager/ess of the pub makes one phone call to the Key co-ordinator of the pubwatch and that information is then passed on via e-txt SMS to all the other pubs instantaneously.
The Key Co-ordinator keeps an up-to-date list of licensees in the watch and lays down the system by which they will communicate with each other in times of trouble.

What Are The Advantages Of Pubwatch For The Police?

  • More information is provided about potential trouble-makers
  • More precise details in calls for assistance aid more efficient use of resources
  • Violent incidents associated with licensed premises decrease
  • Liaison and understanding with the licensed trade is improved
  • Reduces victims of crime

What Are The Advantages Of Pubwatch For The Licensed Trade?

  • Membership of Pubwatch deters troublemakers
  • Reduces the risk of assaults on licensees, staff and customers
  • Reduces the risk of damage to property leading to reduced repair bills
  • Increases co-operation with the police leading to a more effective response to requests for assistance
  • Improves public image and a sales environment in which trade can prosper

What Are The Advantages Of Pubwatch For The Town?

  • Creates a safer environment in which all business in the Town will benefit and prosper
  • Better image to customers
  • More visitors

What Are The Advantages Of Pubwatch For The Customer?

  • An enjoyable, safe and relaxing time in all Prestatyn & District Pubwatch venues
  • Reduces the risk of disorder

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